Bombay Sapphire Social | Painted By The Internet

Bombay has always been a supporter of the art world, but for some people that world can be a bit too exclusive. So we created a social activation that used robots that connected to Instagram profiles to make a one of kind crowd-sourced piece of art, via the internet. Thousands joined in, from all over the country to make their mark – even Jeff Goldblum.

Featured: Forbes, Muse, Campaign, AdWeek, Trend Hunter, The Drum

How it worked:

The robots took input from thousands of online users to generate the artwork point by point. We created a system so that the robots could paint multiple colors along with 3D printed grippers and custom fabricated paint daubers were engineered so that the robot arms would be able to grab and paint repeatedly again and again without fail. This was all designed specific to the type of paint dot, drip, and organic shape that we wanted to create.

After each user submission, a photo takeaway of their dot would be sent to their email with options to share via Facebook, Twitter, etc. After the entire event, a second email takeaway of the completed canvas was sent to everyone who participated.


“Painted by The Internet”
30’ x 22’

Agency: BBDO New York
Production Co: VT Pro
ECDs: Danilo Boer, Marcos Kolthar
ACDs: Allison Lackey, Bryan Barnes
Joaquim Salim, Mariana Olivera
Experiential Producer: Adrienne Katz