Subway | Craigslist Listing

In honor of National Sandwich Day, (yes it’s a thing). Subway decided they wanted to give people an extra sub for each sub they bought. It was the first brief for BBDO after winning the business. We need a spot in two weeks, what do we do?

On a late night concepting whim, we decided to see if anyone would reply to a Craigslist ad for a free sandwich. Turns out people are very willing to meet up with a stranger from the Internet if free Subway is involved.  And that was it. We pitched the idea, filmed the meet ups, edited a spot that night, did a color session at 6am and shipped it to broadcast all in two weeks time. First time I pulled an all nighter at an edit house and I’m still a big fan of a Subway sandwich. 

When people showed up to claim their free sub, our hidden cameras were rolling.

Produced and Directed with BBDO Studios
Agency: BBDO NY
CDs: Justin Bilicki, Matt Herr
Sr. Creatives: Nedal Ahmed, Bryan Barnes