Volkswagen | The Accountant

You don’t have to break the bank for a nice looking ride, which is why the VW Atlas Cross Sport celebrates the flashy and satisfies the frugal. We created a story about a kerfuffled celebrity accountant and casted Paul Giammati from Billions & Kieran Culkin from Succession. 

As soon as we started teasing the work, Reddit demanded the full length television series of the campaign, Maggie Haberman had fever dreams about it, and Vulture got a kick out of it

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The spots ran during both 2020 presidential national conventions, both presidential debates, dueling town halls, and throughout CNN’s mind melting election night coverage. 

Prompting Twitter to react: 

“More interested in the lore of the Paul Giamatti & Kieran Culkin VW commercials than anything on TV right now”

“Can these two keep being a dynamic duo in perpetuity?”

Director: Steve Rogers, Biscuit
Agency: Johannes Leonardo
ECD: Jimm Lasser
ACDs: Bryan Barnes, Allison Lackey 
Producers: Benton Roman, Abbie Noon
Editor: Rich Orrick, Work Editorial